What is a knuckle boom crane – and what are its benefits?

A knuckle boom crane is a specialized type of crane that is very useful in the construction business. The naming of the crane comes from the fact, that it is not a typical straight boom crane, but foldable, which gives the crane its signature feature: The foldable boom system. 

This type of crane is very valuable, since the knuckle boom makes it more flexible compared to other cranes. One of the industries that takes great benefit from knuckle boom cranes is the construction business, since this business requires precise handling and deliveries on schedule. If deliveries are late or problematic, it can delay the construction project. This is often quite catastrophic as it is very costly to build. The construction crew might not be able to continue with the construction, which will delay the entire project and might cause other groups to be delayed too. Hence, a lot of the work force will simply sit and wait – while burning away money from the allocated budget. 

What you want from your crane is a flexible crane with a high degree of maneuverability. Ideally, your crane should: 

Be a knuckle boom crane: This ensures that the boom system is flexible as it can bend and be folded. The benefit is that it can move more efficiently and work its way above obstacles and work its way into tight spaces as well as it is very compact, when stowed. 

Have a suited lifting capacity: The crane should match the task at hand. This is not only applicable for knuckle boom cranes but can be applied to any type of crane. Failure to meet the required lifting capacity will result in danger and an unsuccessful job. 

Be versatile: Versatility is very important. Especially in the construction business. A building site can require the crane to move and operate in tight spaces and load from non-practical//difficult positions. The loading might also take place at different levels, hence making the knuckle boom crane invaluable in such situations.

Have a varied selection of accessories: There is no such thing as a simple job. Or so it seems. When operating in a construction site, your crane should have a wide selection of accessories at its disposal. Anything from clamshell buckets to stone clamps, or pallet forks should be within reach. Chains, personnel baskets, and other accessories might come in handy too.     

Make sure to specify your needs before starting the project, as this will help you avoid time wasted and keep your project on schedule.